TOMASIK AGENCY (Juraj Tomasik, FIVB Licensed Agent) is volleyball agency which providing services to professional volleyball players and for volleyball teams. We are committed to help your team.

Our clients have to be satisfied so we offer them only these kind of players what they exactly need. We have players from different countries in our offer. From young talented with big potencial and players with big international experience on highest level of volleyball.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management for players and teams who want to be the best! Thats why we are making good friendship with partners, teams and have long term relationship with clients, also we want to be friends not only work partners.

TOMASIK AGENCY have large network of connections, our main part is Europe but we have strong connections in Asia: Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia. We are working with partners from Italy and Turkey. Good connections in Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Thailand, Brasil.


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Juraj is coming from Slovakia where he was born. With volleyball started from his age 8 and he played professionally 15 years as setter, during these years he earned lot of experience and he has been playing leagues in several countries as 2x Austria, Switzerland, Germany, 3x Finland. Also were in Junior and Youth Slovakia National team. Profession a sports agent started in year 2009. He take care about each of his client personally and it is his the largest value. Many times trying to give players advise and searching solutions to achieve their dreams easier.

Since year 2017 is Juraj officially FIVB Licensed Agent

Slavomír Huba

Slavomír was born in Humenné, small city in eastern part of Slovakia,city with qiute well known volleyball history. With volleyball he started as a 14 year old boy. As a junior player he was transfered and continued with volleyball in big club Red star Bratislava. In Bratislava he also has finished his master degree in PE and coaching volleyball at Comenius University. As a profesionall volleyball player he gained experience from slovak, german,polish and also cyprus league. He also spend few years studying,working and playing volleyball in USA in New York city. He has a lot of experience as a national team manager with both mens and women team. He was also working as a assistant coach and won championships with teams in Slovakia and U.A.E. Because he loves volleyball and likes to manage things he will be responsible for profesionall women volleyball players represented by our Tomasik-Agency.